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Stabilizer Bar Link Bushings

The stabilizer bar link bushings play an important role for the stability and comfort of commercial vehicles by reducing the body roll when cornering and absorbing shocks caused by uneven road surfaces. The stabilizer bar link bushings are robust and support the function of the stabilizer bar.

Stabilizer bar link bushings connect the stabilizer bar to the vehicle frame. They contribute to the performance of the complete suspension and support driving stability and comfort. During braking and acceleration, they are exposed to high radial loads. Therefore, they are designed for high durability and robustness. In contrast, they also need to be highly flexible to enable and absorb the high torsional and cardanic deflection of the axle.

The bushings can be optimized in size and function, depending on the respective stabilizer bar design.

About Chassis Mounts

In the transportation industry, cargo and goods need to be delivered on the road over long distances as quickly and safely as possible without incurring damage for both the vehicle and load.

Products to reduce Noise, Vibration and Harshness in commercial vehicle chassis applications need to be effective, durable and reliable as they operate under high loads and stresses. Chassis mounts for trucks, busses, tractors and trailers control vibrations and absorb shocks transmitted from the road surface into the chassis of the vehicle.


Chassis mounts from Vibracoustic are important components to protect the axle, leaf springs and frame of commercial vehicles and improve handling, driving stability, safety and comfort. The product portfolio includes bolster springs, axle bump stops, leaf spring bushings, reaction rod bushes and stabilizer bar links.