Driven by Original Quality

Our Aftermarket Portfolio

We offer one of the broadest vibration control portfolio on the Automotive Aftermarket for light and commercial vehicles. From chassis mounts, air springs, microcellular urethane components, motor mounts, isolators and dampers, torsional vibration dampers to cabin
mounts – you can get almost any component you need from a single source.

No Compromise on Original Quality in Terms of Comfort, Safety, Robustness and Lifetime

You can rely on Vibracoustic’s material, engineering, technology
and production expertise. We provide high-quality automotive
vibration control spare parts. As the global supplier of original
spare parts, we make sure that original quality is always inside.
We provide high-quality automotive vibration control spare parts,
for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

Discover Vibracoustic's Portfolio for Light and Commercial Vehicles