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Commercial Vehicle Products

Vibracoustic’s vibration control solutions for trucks, tractors, trailers, busses and coaches reduce noise, vibrations and harshness – resulting in reliable, safe and comfortable operations. They are a decisive part for the stability and comfort of commercial vehicles. Reliable and safe operations are key for transport companies, and in addition, truck drivers demand a high level of comfort as the truck cabin is their workplace.


The Vibracoustic portfolio for commercial vehicles includes motor mounts, cabin mounts, chassis mounts and commercial vehicle air springs.

Air Springs

From the minimum loads of an unhitched tractor to the weight of a fully-loaded trailer, commercial vehicle axles need to cover extreme load fluctuations with the rear axles being exposed to the main load of those fluctuations. With their ability to quickly change the spring rate according to the current load situation, commercial vehicle air springs are an excellent solution for this challenge. Therefore, they are used in most commercial vehicles like trucks and buses as well as in trailers.


Commercial vehicle air springs from Vibracoustic CV Air Springs offer an excellent combination of reliability, safety, and comfort for trucks, tractors, trailers and buses. By adding or releasing air, the same level of driving comfort can be provided and a constant height can be maintained for all load situations.

Keeping the vehicle and trailer at a constant height level maintains vehicle stability and provides safe driving characteristics. Furthermore, it improves vibration damping in all load conditions. This reduces axle, transmission and tire wear and increases vehicle durability and efficiency. In addition, the truck suspension cannot bottom out thanks to the air springs and the chassis and the transported goods are strongly protected from damage.

The driver as well benefits from improved vibration damping, which provides high driving comfort and reduces driver fatigue for a relaxed and secure haulage.


Offer high comfort and robustness while reducing weight and costs

Centronics Cabin Air Springs

Integrated leveling system resulting in high driving comfort, stability, durability and reduced costs


Offer significant weight savings, high comfort and robustness for maximum efficiency

Cabin Mounts

Cabin mounts for truck cabins connect the cabin with the stabilizer and reduce vibrations transferred from the frame into the cabin. They can withstand high radial loads and torsional movements, thus ensuring a relaxed and comfortable ride.


Commercial vehicle cabins can vary strongly in weight and therefore have various requirements on cabin mounts. They need to dampen disruptive noise and vibrations, offer tilting functions to ensure optimal working conditions and provide driving comfort for truck drivers.

The product portfolio ranges from conventional cabin mounts, additional tilting and decoupling functions to comfort bearings and cabin top mounts.

Cabin Mounts with Decoupled Stiffness Rate and Tilting Function

Offer all the functions of a normal cabin mount without the need for additional spring elements

Cabin Mounts with Tilting Function

Enable high torsional deflection without damaging the rubber components

Comfort Bearings

Offer low radial and axial stiffness and minimum installation space

Chassis Mounts

In the transportation industry, cargo and goods need to be delivered on the road over long distances as quickly and safely as possible without incurring damage for both the vehicle and load.

Products to reduce Noise, Vibration and Harshness in commercial vehicle chassis applications need to be effective, durable and reliable as they operate under high loads and stresses. Chassis mounts for trucks, busses, tractors and trailers control vibrations and absorb shocks transmitted from the road surface into the chassis of the vehicle.


Chassis mounts from Vibracoustic are important components to protect the axle, leaf springs and frame of commercial vehicles and improve handling, driving stability, safety and comfort. The product portfolio includes bolster springs, axle bump stops, leaf spring bushings, reaction rod bushes and stabilizer bar links.

Bolster Springs

Adapt to different load conditions and improve driving comfort and stability

Leaf Spring Bushings

Withstand enormous torsional and radial loads

Stabilizer Bar Link Bushings

Support driving stability and comfort

Motor Mounts

Motor mounts effectively isolate motor vibrations, dampen road excitations and support stability. Commercial vehicle drive trains with their heavy weight and high torques are a major source of vibrations. Commercial vehicle motor mounts from Vibracoustic help reduce noise and vibration, withstand high loads and torques, ensure reliable operation and are weight-optimized.


The transport industry is constantly striving for higher efficiency. Higher emission standards, demands for greater performance and high expectations for comfort further impact the requirements for motor mounts.

Exhaust gas treatment systems, turbochargers, higher pressure, encapsulation and additional equipment in and around the motor compartment boost service temperatures. Commercial vehicle motor mounts need to withstand those higher temperatures and at the same time isolate motor, drive train and road induced vibrations. Vibracoustic commercial vehicle motor mounts optimize NVH performance and improve the stability of the vehicle by reducing vibrations and motor movement.

Vibracoustic motor mounts work like a spring to dampen motor and road vibrations as well as road impacts. They are weight and cost-optimized as well as durable, reliable solutions that offer excellent NVH performance. The product portfolio includes front motor mounts, transmission mounts as well as motor mounts for electric trucks.

Motor Mounts

Provide high temperature resistance, operational stability and excellent NVH performance

Motor Mounts for Electric Trucks

Address high torque and high frequency NVH challenges

Transmission Mounts

Limit maximum deflections and provide vibration isolation from low to high frequencies