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Centronics Cabin Air Springs

Cabin air springs connect the driver’s cabin in commercial vehicles with the vehicle chassis. A cabin suspension separated from the vehicle frame considerably improves driving comfort and stability. Higher comfort reduces driver fatigue and, together with high stability, increases overall safety. In addition, self-leveling cabin air springs are more cost-efficient and highly durable due to their compact and lightweight design and integrated function, also supporting to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, compared to cabin air springs with external leveling, Vibracoustic Centronics air springs do not need an end-of line height calibration process anymore.

Centronics self-leveling cabin air springs with an integrated shock absorber from Vibracoustic combine high comfort during driving and cabin stability while accelerating, braking, and cornering. Additionally, they offer increased durability and reduced maintenance costs throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. The leveling system is integrated into the Centronics cabin air springs and replaces various additional external components, resulting in reduced costs for commercial vehicle manufacturers. Depending on the designed height, which can be adjusted to various customer needs and vehicle applications, the valves in the cabin air springs regulate the pressure, enabling a precise fully automatic height adjustment for the truck cabin.

The cabin air springs always provide an optimum damping level and driving comfort, not only when driving straight on but also in dynamic driving situations like lane changes, braking or cornering. Due to the optimal layout and fine-tuning of all components, the excellent level of comfort reduces driver fatigue and strain while increases overall vehicle safety.

The integration of the leveling system makes the system less vulnerable to external influences, resulting in higher durability and reduced maintenance costs. It also allows a more compact design and needs less installation space. The broad Vibracoustic product portfolio for trucks furthermore offers various components for the Centronics cabin air springs like connection bushings, top mounts or MCU jounce bumpers. The inhouse development and production as well as the perfect tuning of all components guarantees excellent product performance. In addition the all-in-one approach ensures easy and efficient assembly.

About Air Springs

From the minimum loads of an unhitched tractor to the weight of a fully-loaded trailer, commercial vehicle axles need to cover extreme load fluctuations with the rear axles being exposed to the main load of those fluctuations. With their ability to quickly change the spring rate according to the current load situation, commercial vehicle air springs are an excellent solution for this challenge. Therefore, they are used in most commercial vehicles like trucks and buses as well as in trailers.


Commercial vehicle air springs from Vibracoustic CV Air Springs offer an excellent combination of reliability, safety, and comfort for trucks, tractors, trailers and buses. By adding or releasing air, the same level of driving comfort can be provided and a constant height can be maintained for all load situations.

Keeping the vehicle and trailer at a constant height level maintains vehicle stability and provides safe driving characteristics. Furthermore, it improves vibration damping in all load conditions. This reduces axle, transmission and tire wear and increases vehicle durability and efficiency. In addition, the truck suspension cannot bottom out thanks to the air springs and the chassis and the transported goods are strongly protected from damage.

The driver as well benefits from improved vibration damping, which provides high driving comfort and reduces driver fatigue for a relaxed and secure haulage.