Cabin top mounts are installed between the truck cabin and air springs as a decoupling element. They perform a damping function, are essential to vehicle stability and handling and can withstand high statics preloads.

While driving, they decouple occurring vibrations due to their low stiffness rubber compound, thus offering the best balance between comfort and safe handling. Due to their conical design and the integrated axial stops, they can also withstand high static preloads – particularly important for longer standing times while the truck is parked or shipped.

About Cabin Mounts

Cabin mounts for truck cabins connect the cabin with the stabilizer and reduce vibrations transferred from the frame into the cabin. They can withstand high radial loads and torsional movements, thus ensuring a relaxed and comfortable ride.


Commercial vehicle cabins can vary strongly in weight and therefore have various requirements on cabin mounts. They need to dampen disruptive noise and vibrations, offer tilting functions to ensure optimal working conditions and provide driving comfort for truck drivers.

The product portfolio ranges from conventional cabin mounts, additional tilting and decoupling functions to comfort bearings and cabin top mounts.